Aaron H. Henson Sr. is a fourth generation member of the Church of God in Christ.  His great grandfather, Joseph W. Henson, moved from Ringo, LA in the earlier 1920’s to Kansas City and his paternal side has been in Kansas City ever since.  His great grandparents not only brought their family into the Church of God in Christ, but his great grandfather would go on to pastor and become a superintendent in the state of Kansas (later Kansas East).  Pastor Henson’s great grandparents would eventually have three children of which one, Arie H. Henson Sr., would go on to succeed his father in ministry.  Learning from and working with his father in ministry, at the leading of the Lord and the support from his wife, my grandfather would go on to start his own ministry: Henson Memorial C.O.G.I.C in 1955 and eventually become a superintendent as well in Kansas (later Kansas East).  Of his five children one son would stay with him through his ministry to become one of his strongest deacons in the church.  Deacon Willis Henson would assist his father in ministry both inside and outside the church until his demise in 2011.  Deacon Willis Henson would raise three children with his wife Juanita of those three, one, the only boy of the group would come to succeed his great grandfather, grandfather, and father as the next Henson in ministry.  As a boy in the congregation Pastor Aaron H. Henson would see his grandfather/pastor/superintendent minister to the people and would envision one day standing in the same pulpit at the same podium ministering to GOD’s people one day

Upon graduation from high school Pastor Aaron H. Henson attended Rust College in Holly Springs, MS. from 1996-1999.  During that time while in school majoring in business administration he joined Christ Temple C.O.G.I.C under watch care with Superintendent Albert Pass.  While at Christ Temple he had the opportunity to play his saxophone during their church services, travel with their choir, and meet a host of saints throughout Mississippi.  He was able to see and learn ministry from a different perspective. 

After graduation in May of 1999, he accepted a sales position with a company that he had interned with for the past three summers in Kansas City and stayed there until the fall of 1999.  In the fall of 1999 he returned back to Mississippi and Christ Temple after accepting another sales position in the Memphis, TN area.  He also returned because of his fondness for the area, but more importantly he had left and wanted to return to his future bride to be, Christine E. Howard.  Though she had one more year in school he could not stand to be without her.  She had become a part of him and he did not realize just how much until they separated.  Shortly after getting settled in Memphis with work and residency, they were married on November 16, 1999.  

In 2002 he officially started his public ministry and it was as if he was making up for lost time.  He knew what to do and how to do and he had great joy.  His first sermon was entitled, “Are You Ready to Walk on Your Water” coming from the 14th chapter of Matthew.  He has served in various auxiliaries in the church, beginning with bible study, and then on to leading Sunday morning services.  In 2004 he was ordained as an elder in the church, and on 2005 he was appointed Assistant Pastor: Henson Memorial C.O.G.I.C.  It was right about that time when he walked into the church one day after a heavy rain and noticed there were some real bad spots in the roof of the church that needed to be addressed.  This was his first capital campaign project in which the church had to raise $12,000.00 to get a new roof.  He begin to organize fundraising efforts to raise money from people outside the church.  After much prayer for GOD to bless those efforts--the lord was faithful and they were able to have a new roof put on the church with in 1 year.  After that he begin to notice other things that needed to be done around the church and so he became part maintenance man, part carpenter, part painter, part electrician—just whatever needed to be done and he would do it.  If he could not do it then he would enlist the help of some of the other brother at the church, and if they could not do it then he would bring in outside help.  In 2008 he was called upon by Bishop L.F. Thuston, to serve in the capacity of Jurisdictional Missions President.  He humbly accepted this assignment with the approval of his (now aging) grandfather/pastor/superintendent and continues to faithfully serve in that capacity. In 2015 he relocated he and his family to Memphis, TN and from August 2015 to August 2016 he commuted back and forth on the weekends from Memphis, TN to Kansas City, KS to keep his commitment as assistant pastor to the church.   Although this would not be a permanent situation, it was imperative to Pastor Henson to uphold the commitment that was he made to his pastor.  In May of year, 2016, after many years on the battle field Pastor Henson’s grandfather/pastor officially transitioned to pastor emeritus and the transition of leadership had begun.  On February 20, 2017 his grandfather the late, great Supt. A.H. Henson Sr. went from labor to reward and on April 15, 2017 the baton was “officially passed” and Pastor Aaron H. Henson Sr. was officially installed as the senior pastor of Henson Memorial Church of God In Christ.

 Pastor aaron H. Henson, Sr.