Courageous, Eloquent, Passionate.  These are just a few words to describe the Lady Christine.  She is the mother of four beautiful children, Christopher, Aniya, Aaron Jr, and Alyssa and the wife of our pastor, Pastor Henson since November 16, 1999 (twenty years).  She is a firm believer that your home is your first ministry and with out a successful home you can not have a successful church.  She serves faithfully and compassiantly with him at Henson Memorial and brings her own unique style to the ministry.  Her passion for the love of GOD and the things of GOD are unmatched.  Lady Christine always has a word from the Lord and continues to share his love with everyone she comes in contact with.  She is a woman that is truly saved and believes GOD in every area of her life.  

Since their return to Kansas City in 2002, Lady Christine has focused on the teenage girls at the church by establishing "Precious Jewels", a ministry that focuses on life skill lessons such as, cooking, sowing, what it means to be a mother, planning for the future, and much more.  As the leader of the women's department of the church she has establish "Women Enriched In Prayer", an annual prayer conference design to help bring deliverance to women, and also co-labors with "Authentically You" another ministerial outreach designed to help women embrace who they are in Christ. She has been sought out for various ministries through out Kansas City to minister.  She also volunteers in the community with the local neighborhood elementary school where she helps students with math and reading.

Lady Christine is a native of Chicago, IL.  She graduated from Rust College in Holy Springs, MS in 2001 in Business Administration and is currently finishing up her master's degree in human resources in May of 2019.  She currently works for the Department of Treasury as an employee advocate.  Her passion to share the love of GOD extends beyond the church itself and into the community.  As an employee advocate she is a champion for those in the work place who are mistreated and abused.     


Lady Christine E. Henson